Call Attorney Perry Hicks If Arrested On Drug Charges

Know-How For When Your Freedom Is At Stake

Attorney Perry Hicks knows that when you have been charged with a criminal offense it does not mean you are guilty! Our firm is here to protect your rights. If you have been charged in a drug crime the handling of your defense is a key element. Our firm has been successfully representing people throughout Arizona for over 25 years, and has the familiarity and knowledge you need to fight your charges.

In the United States possession and profit related to illicit drugs are crimes. If you are criminally convicted of such a crime it can have devastating effects on you and your family for the rest of your life. It is therefore vital that you contact a criminal defense lawyer in Sierra Vista immediately if facing drug charges.

Drug charges range from a person being involved in the possession, sale, conspiracy, transportation or paraphernalia of a controlled substance, and can be violations of federal or state law. Your freedom from these charges is at risk, as the consequences can range from prison to forfeiture of your property and possessions.

About Drug Crimes

The Country Lawyer, P.C. offers informative and professional service to assist you in understanding the legal processes affecting your case. Our firm is small and very much client oriented; we provide legal representation in Sierra Vista and Cochise County. We take the time to educate you on all aspects of your drug charges and have the resources to competently deal with all avenues of your defense. With the possibility of jail or prison time hanging over your head, it is important to remember you still have rights. Perry and his dedicated staff will work with you to resolve your criminal charges whether by a negotiated plea or a trial. Call us today for a free initial consultation; you will be glad you did.

Drug charges can devastate you and your family; call The Country Lawyer, P.C. for the understanding and skill you need to proceed with your case.