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Defending Theft Crimes

Have you been charged with a theft crime and are now unsure of what to do next? At the Country Lawyer, P.C., we aim to fight for your right to innocence and a cleared reputation because we understand just how debilitating a theft crime charge can be. There are several defenses to legally take when charged with a theft crime, and each one must be carefully considered alongside the details of your case in order to come up with the strongest defense possible.

For a Sierra Vista criminal defense lawyer you can trust to fight for your name and freedom, you need to look no further than the Country Lawyer, P.C. Our team is experienced in crafting personalized defenses no matter how serious the charge, thanks to our unparalleled tenacity and determination. Along with our need to succeed, these are just a few of the reasons we will be your greatest ally during this time.

Here are just a few of the common defenses which may apply to a theft crime:

  • Claim of right or ownership of property
  • Intoxication
  • Return of property as a defense
  • Entrapment

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As with any legal case, the above defenses require evidence as well as a strong-minded and confident criminal defense lawyer to speak on your behalf. Taking the law into your own hands and hoping the court will realize your innocence is just too great a risk to take--this is why you should increase your chances of having the charges dropped or the case ruling in your favor by enlisting the help of an experienced Sierra Vista criminal defense lawyer who won't give up on you. Regardless of the evidence against you, our team at the Country Lawyer, P.C., will rise to the challenge and fight to make your case as seamless as possible.

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