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What to Do After a Slip & Fall at a Mall

When we're at the mall, we never expect to slip and fall and experience an injury. However, accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Slips and falls are actually the most common form of injury at a shopping mall because of various factors, such as uneven and cracked pavement, weather conditions, polished and waxed floors, unsecured electrical cords, step-ups into retail stores, spilled food and drinks, crumbled or pinched floor mats, and wet bathroom floors.

A slip and fall accident can be painful, embarrassing, and costly, and it is important you know the correct actions to take immediately after. Sometimes, a lawsuit may be the only way you can recover medical expenses, lost wages, or other money to compensate for your pain and suffering. If you intend to pursue compensation after your slip and fall, it is vital you understand what your next step is.

Immediately after a slip and fall accident, consider following these steps:

  • Seek medical attention – Professional medical experts can help assess if your injuries are serious or not.
  • Inspect the area – Slip and fall accidents rarely happen for no reason. Looking around to see if something, in particular, caused your accident can help you understand how to move forward.
  • Identify witnesses – Getting all of the information from the witnesses of your fall can help you immeasurably in the long run. Describing the setting, time, and place of your fall is vital.
  • Follow necessary procedure – If possible, you may need to fill out a slip and fall report or notify a store manager. Make sure the store is aware of your fall immediately, and make a mental note of the responses you receive.
  • Take pictures – Photographic evidence of the area is imperative to helping you gain the compensation you deserve. Recording the exact setting of your fall is important because if you rely on the store owner or manager, the setting (such as weather conditions, polished or waxed floors, etc.) may change.

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